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As a charity based in North London, we were keen not just to make a difference abroad but at here at home as well. We were very aware of the need of the local young people, which was evident in the high teenage pregnancy rate and the increase in the number of fatal stabbings in the area over recent years.

We had a dream to provide a place where these young people could be in a positive environment, be encouraged, listened to, gain advice and develop skills for work and life; giving them the opportunity to change direction and have a hope for their future. 

Sadly, owing to lack of finance and resource providing a building like this hasn’t yet been possible. However, the young people are still very much on our heart and we are supporting and working closely with other organisations in the local area that are reaching out to them in different ways. It’s exciting to be a part of what Directions, XBus and Sublime are doing to make a difference to our local young people – and great that we can invest in them rather than a building!