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Lots of people ask us "Why Zambia?" And the simple response is "Why not?" but there is more to it than that. For us as a team, we make our decisions with both our head and our heart.

As in many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa the need in Zambia is obvious. One only needs to read a few facts and figures to be convinced that this is a country worthy of our attention.

DID YOU KNOW…Zambia’s population of about 13.3 million is faced with a mature and generalized HIV epidemic, accounting for one of the highest adult prevalence rates in the world (above 20 percent in urban areas and 14.3 percent nationally). There is also widespread poverty and food insecurity in rural and urban areas. It is estimated that 64 percent of Zambia’s population lives in poverty. Poverty in urban areas is exacerbated by the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS.  And life expectancy is only 37 years.

But for us it’s less about the statistics and more about the individuals. One of our team has been connected to people in Zambia since 2004, the rest of us since 2008. So choosing Zambia has mostly been about friendship, seeing the hearts of those we know out there and their desire to see their communities transformed, in particular the lives of the orphans and vulnerable children, and partnering with them to see lives changed.