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Kawama School began in 2008 after Pastor Cephas became the leader at Kawama Church and saw the need of the many orphans in the Kawama area. His friend Pastor Festus who set up Janna School in 2005 inspired him, as he saw the positive impact a school could have on the children and community.

We met Pastor Cephas, his wife Annie and some of the volunteer teachers in 2010 and were impressed with how far they had come in such a short time and with so little resource. There was an immediate connection and over the past year we have developed the relationship and are pleased to be starting a partnership with Kawama this year.

In summer 2011, Cranleigh School, one of the schools we partner with here in the UK is sending a team of students and teachers to work alongside local labourers to build a much needed classroom block for the 220 children currently at Kawama School.

Then in 2012 Beyond Ourselves will launch the child sponsorship programme at Kawama School which will provide a meal each day for the children, access to basic medical care, a school uniform, school resources and will also provide the teachers with a well-deserved salary.